Miranda Cawley

Water | Food | Media


My passion lies with telling stories at the nexus of humans and the environment. As an international multimedia journalist, I have travelled from South America to Paris to Sweden telling stories of people trying to address the difficult tradeoffs that come at this time of increasing environmental vulnerability, resource scarcity, and income disparity. When not in the field, I have worked hard as an organizer and project manager to tackle these issues in my own backyard, and have driven concrete, institutional change that has improved the relationship of my community with the environment.  I find beauty in the blurred line between humans and nature,  and I want to spend my life exploring the tensions in that divide.

This spring, I graduated from Northwestern University with a dual degree in journalist and environmental sciences. I now work for Cadmus Group Inc. as a research analyst in the water policy program. When not working, you in the kitchen perfecting my vegetarian cooking, or running trails.

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All photography by me.